I just went 1 week without electricity. The region in which I live was hit by a horrible ice storm which took trees, electric poles, and many lines down. It took over 5 days to fix our electric, and half our county is still without. All my income is from working on my computer, so that was a week without pay :(.

Anyways, I am happy that the electricity is back on and I can continue with my work. I am currently trying to find a few new clients. Right now I am working off elance.com and odesk.com. I would like to go into business for my self very soon but I am not exactly the best person to deal with marketing my business. All other aspects I know about but marketing is one I do have trouble with. I figured that maybe if I start a blog, I would have a little extra marketing for my services.

To say a bit about what I do. I am a Virtual Assistant, my business’ name is Meticulous Assistance. I provide services to individuals or businesses concerning Word Processing, Human Resources, Data Entry, Customer Satisfaction, among many other things. My website is http://www.meticulousassistance.com

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